Taekwondo and Maximal Oxygen Uptake


Many taekwondo trainers focus on the strengthening exercises neglecting the factor of oxygen intake and its proper consumption. Oxygen intake and its proper supply to the exercising muscles is a necessary factor for strengthening the body. Moreover, there are several other factors such as the consumption of oxygen with proper respiratory function and excretion of carbon dioxide accordingly. Energy expenditure should be in relation with the intensity of the exercise. Another factor which is very important is to keep lactate level of blood in check which is usually produced as a result of anaerobic respiration of cells to produce energy when proper amount of oxygen is not available. Ability of an athlete to show good results is highly dependent on the strength training.

It is commonly seen that all the taekwondo trainers are unable to show equal results, mainly because their body is not capable of producing high amounts of energy in high stress conditions. The main reason is that there is lack of development of their aerobic and anaerobic systems for the production of energy. Inexperienced or un-educated taekwondo trainers are responsible for this defect because sometimes they over-train and on other occasions under-train an athlete. Consistency in training is very important to provide body with good energy producing systems.

When a person is performing light exercise, his aerobic system is active and oxygen is consumed for the production of energy. In case of performance of heavy exercises, energy demand of body is increased and body depends mainly on the anaerobic system to get energy. This is the main reason why breathing rate increases with the increase in the intensity of the exercise. Body tries to produce all the energy from aerobic means but when a certain limit is crossed, anaerobic metabolism becomes the main source of energy and lactic acid is produced in the blood, hence increasing blood acidity.

Research has shown that male athletes having oxygen consumption of 60-65 ml/ kg/ min and female athletes with oxygen consumption of 55-60 ml/ kg/ min can perform exercises at their best. A person having strong aerobic system can perform strength exercises better than other people. This is so, because aerobic respiration produces high amounts of energy as compared to anaerobic respiration.

Best training plan for an athlete is to train himself for 30-45min at aerobic level, for 20-45min at anaerobic level, and interval drills should be for at least 45sec to 3min. Aerobic exercise can be done by doing light jogging or riding a bicycle. Anaerobic exercises include running and taekwondo training.

The duration and intensity of these drills can be increased or decreased according to the weight, sex and background of the competitor.


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