Seek to Sustain Positive Thought


***The Law Of Attraction requires time, focus and action to be of benefit to anyone.. Seek to sustain positive thought vibrations and invoke and invite matching life experience(s) and watch your life trajectory become more positive! THE LOA…

If the Law of Attraction had a mouth and a voice with words that can be heard and utilized more frequently by you and me, what do you think would be said?

I can only imagine something like this: Act or interact with the mindset, people, places and events that you most want to have manifest. You can achieve the desired outcome of your dreams if you become and remain aware of your mindset- where your thoughts, feelings’ and reactions are leading you. One great first step is to make and keep friendships with people who are positive, professional and successful in the same or similar area that sparks your area of interest by keeping company in their vibration.

It’s all in your vibration, which is easily viewed as a vernacular-to want or to have something spectacular happen to you! Allow yourself to feel and be self-accepting of the fact that you deserve to enjoy and be joyfully expectant of what you want to have happen to you, or through you. Keeping company with friends or family of like mind or like-vibe is helpful and good energy!

Feel that you are deserving of success, revel or any level, and be confident in the fact that you are deserving of good things unfolding in your life.

Make plans as if you have already achieved your desires and dreams.

Be assured in knowing that your emotional expectation combined with a powerful, positive mindset allows energy to have the power to uplift you. Inviting a new energy changes your synergy. Synergy is important by how it can have an influence or impact a shift regarding the outcome of any conundrum or circumstance, if done in a positive way.

Your ability to alter or change anything relies on how you feel about it!

Act like you already have it! Daily motion attracts life circumstances.***Act the like people or outcomes that you want to have happen to you.

Make and sustain connections with positive people that have an influence on the way that you feel about their actions that have made them successful. Emulate the people or attitude that you want to feel, be assured that it helps you learn and apply the concepts that encourage you to achieve your dreams. Reap by doing what works best for your personality- be in alignment with your feelings- your efforts- be true to what you believe that you can own or that you can achieve, be advised that you are required to be self-reliant, especially in your ability to soothe your own feelings’ and to know when or if you need to seek counsel. Always be aware of your own vibration. Check to see if it is doing what it needs to be doing to help you or at least to make you aware that you need to make some changes in your attitude or in your mindset.

Vibration is simply a feeling that you have the power to set into motion daily. It can be calibrated to attain the desires of your creations, imaginations, and even be seen beyond your thoughts and dreams- turned into your 3-D reality! It also has the power to attract the people, places and events that you are inviting by your own vibration, or by a shift in your vibration if that is what is needed.

A vibration or a paradigm-( pattern of thought,beliefs,or concepts) is an intention or an invitation that you energize daily that matches your outcome or life experience(s)!

Have you ever thought about a person and then they call you? Guess what? You are the one responsible for setting the feeling/contact request into motion. YOU sent a request, by the vibration of your thoughts and feeling synergy, reaching their energy field. You were requesting, if only energetically, to have communication with the selected person that you wanted to engage with in conversation. And many times, they will soon sense the need or a compulsion or desire to speak to you as well.

Either one of two things may occur: Either they will reach out to you by calling, writing or texting, or they may, at the very least, sense, if only intuitively, that they are on your mind/radar- but choose not react based on free will.

BE assured of this:They felt the vibration that you set in motion towards them. That my friend was a vibration that you sent as thought intention into the universe.

Always be aware of where your thoughts roam. By being aware of your thoughts and vibrations you can save yourself time, space, stress or money and enable yourself to live a life of a lot less contrast. Invite more occasions for happiness!

Focus more and more on what you want to happen and choose to refuse the negative, internal self-talk that gets replayed over and over again. REFUSE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK, especially if it is unflattering or corrosive- You do not want to invite negative things to happen by the vibration and synergy of negative internal self-talk, since is not productive for you to manifest. Life does have contrast, though be less resistant and go with the flow, though be clear and know what and where your thoughts roam. Take command of your thought life and analyze what actions to be taken before reacting to the controversy.

If you had a bad day, don’t pick up the phone and call someone to commiserate with them. NO! This will only add fuel to the fire and make your synergy explode and erode your patience and self-confidence and worse- shift your vibration to manifest your energy into something negative! Think ahead before reacting!

Pick up a pen and paper, or somehow, write or type out how you feel, read it aloud, and when finished- burn it! Your need to discuss and rehash bad events will be easily eradicated, or even obliterated into smoky smithereens and then heaped into the garbage pit where it belongs. Get the picture?

Sounds simple? Maybe, but all of us have a lot of internal garbage to clean out of our proverbial closets.. This takes time and you must be in a constant state of cognizance. Recognize and realize how you are feeling, responding and reacting. Analyze what you need to shift. Release shame, blame, fear and uneasiness. By releasing negative thoughts and vibrations you can get increasingly closer to manifesting what you feel that you truly deserve to experience and it will come to pass with greater ease and in divine timing. There is always divine timing that knows when and how things will unfold in a positive way.

You should always be assured in the principle that you will reap more and more of what you are thinking and feeling and by how you are reacting to your thoughts.

Happy thoughts, happy life, and happy dreams can be readily achieved by the true great belief that you are deserving of positive outcomes.

You and your energy, by your feelings,’ are constantly in a state of vibration that does not sit still because energy/vibration is consistently in motion. Synergy is serious business! Synergy is ( The interaction of elements, or in this case the principles as detailed below, with all aspects combined, producing a total effect that has a far greater impact than the sum of the individual elements on their own).

Focus your thoughts, actions and feelings’ MORE on what you are wanting to have happen, creating good synergy, AND not at all on what you do not want to happen! Act like who or what you want to attract and watch great things come to pass! Acting like who or what you are wanting to attract can change your trajectory more rapidly if acting in cognizance of your synergy and feelings’. Being in alignment with your feelings’ and self-talk will help you achieve a more positive outcome and perhaps even materialize more joyful events and help you accomplish your dreams – The Law Of Attraction requires time, focus and action to be of benefit to anyone..Get and maintain positive thought vibrations and inspire and invite matching positive life experience(s)!

*I enjoy learning from you and from others offering knowledge continuously!~


Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune


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