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In the Fall of 2007, Ping Golf released one of their most innovative ideas in the company’s history: The Ping G-10 design. The Power of 10 is changing the nature of Ping golf clubs and their capabilities for both amateur and professional golfers. The company launched the G-10 design series to help golfers improve their performance, minimize mistakes and lower their scores. Golfers can experience the G-10 design in Ping drivers, irons, fairway woods and hybrids. The innovation and customized fitting the Ping company is known for is definitely present in their G-10 series. Compared to previous Ping clubs, the new G-10 series takes technology to an entirely new level.

The Ping G-10 drivers feature many new design aspects. They have larger profiles, deeper faces and an optimized center of gravity (CG) location. It actually sits further back in the design. To maximize the ball velocity with the club, the Ping engineers increased the face height of the golf club. They then got the golf clubhead to work with the crown and sole, staying within the recommended CT limits.

In addition, the design of the shaft helps work with the driver to allow professional fitters to use the shaft and profile to properly fit a player with the most appropriate club. They increased the Moment-of-Inertia (MOI), which automatically helped the club have more consistent ball velocity. While the company reveals the changes made were small, the improvement is great. Golfers can expect to gain better speed, distance and consistency in their drives. The 460cc G10 Driver is made with a cast body and 6-4 titanium. T he Draw version is similar, but is made for right-to-left ball flight which is ideal for a golfer who tends to fade or slice the ball due to poor swing mechanics. The Draw model has an inner weight panel closer to the back, which helps the rotation of the head.

The Ping G-10 Fairway Woods are also quite innovative. They are made with a crown which intersects the sole. This immediately helps create a low profile head. When combined with the featured shallow face, there is improvement in all lies. This innovative intersection allows for the skirt-less design. This design helped Ping engineers replace the center of gravity location, in a lower location. This lower located center of gravity (CG) allows for a higher ball velocity and a reduced spin overall. The woods also feature a shallow face, which helps golfers get an increase in effective hitting. It provides much forgiveness and consistency in shots. The low edge and bounce angle also helps golfers get under the ball easier and get better performance and energy transfer.

The hybrids are quite popular within the G-10 series by Ping. Made of stainless steel, these clubs are made with sloping crowns. This was done purposely to help with higher launches. It gives a more solid feeling to mid and long irons. There are six lofts which give options of replacement from 1 iron through 6 iron and even fairway woods. Because the weight from the crown and face are combined into a weight pad, the center of gravity remains low and back. This allows for increased launch angles and reduced spins. To get higher ball velocity and consistency, Ping engineers created the hybrid with a variable face thickness design.

Ping G-10 Irons are great for golfers who need forgiveness on the course. They provide great consistency and feature low toe weighting. This weighting allows for MOI to give added consistency. The head is increased and has a new cavity shape with a wider sole. The new designs feature the center of gravity being away from the face and low in the head. This allows for higher launching and lower spinning. In the G-10 irons, Ping’s engineers created an entirely new shape for the Custom Tuning Port (CTP). They did this to stabilize the hitting area. This in turn allows for more consistent ball velocity. In addition, the engineers inserted an elastomer CTP providing a more solid feel and overall sound.

The response from the worldwide tour staff at Ping golf clubs has been incredible. Chris DiMarco and US Open Champion Angel Cabrera both switched to this new driver and G-10 golf clubs almost immediately. In fact, at the Barclay’s Scottish Open, Cabrera used the Ping G-10 driver and was the leader in driving distance. Of course, with the forgiving nature of the G-10 series, Ping’s new series is appropriate not only for professionals but for players of all skill levels. Beginners and amateur players will see some of their lowest scores due to the innovative forgiveness in the Ping G-10 series.


Source by David Braham

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