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Lifewave Patches were introduced to the public back in 2004 by David Schmidt, Inventor & CEO. The first year the company introduced Energy Enhancer and has since introduced Silent Nights, Glutathione, Carnosine, Ice Wave, SP6 and in January 2011, Aeon.

In this review I will tell you the benefits of the Aeon patch plus I will give you a firsthand account of how it has benefited me personally.

The Aeon patch is an “Anti-Stress” patch.

Are you aware of how bad stress is on your body? When your body is under stress it will cause your body to age quicker. Not only is it visible by the wrinkles on your face, just think what it is doing to your organs.

Stress causes inflammation in the body. Long term inflammation causes damage to tissues in the body. The key to slowing the aging process is to reduce inflammation.

Signs of Aging due to stress:




Wasted Muscle


and a long list of others………..

How does the Aeon patch work?

The patch is placed on one of five different acupuncture points on the body. The two most common spots are Conception Vessel 6 (an acupuncture point) which is located about three fingers width below the belly button or at the Governing Vessel 14 (an acupuncture point) which is located at the base of the back of the neck, where the C7 vertebra protrudes (the bump at the base of your neck).

In simple terms, the patch causes a bio-chemical reaction in the body. This reaction causes temperature changes in the body which in turn reduces inflammation.

What changes occur with the Aeon Patch?

Reduced pain and inflammation

Improved Energy

Improved skin quality

Reduce stress and inflammation

Improvement in organ function

My experience with the Aeon Patch.

I have been using the Aeon patch for the “Anti-Stress” benefits. The spot I like to use is at the base of my neck, Governing Vessel 14 (see above). My experience has been when I put the patch on I immediately feel a relaxing sensation go through my body. Kind of like a peaceful feeling.

I’m in my forties so thankful I’m not having any of the problems that are associated with aging. But I am using the patches to slow down the aging process, and that is what will happen with these patches.

Less stress on the body means less inflammation.

Anti-aging is about having youthful energy, vibrant health and being pain-free.


Source by Katrina Rooker


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