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iPhones really are amazing gadgets. There’s not a lot you can’t do with them other than the washing up and house work! If you’ve recently brought one you’re in for a great time. If you’ve owned one for any time you’ll know how good they are to have around.

So, if you own an iPhone the last thing you need to worry about is what happens if it gets stolen. Worse than that; what if it gets stolen and then your airtime gets used up. It’s likely that if it’s stolen the criminal will use it to make calls. These calls could even be to international numbers which will cost a lot.

You could end up with a massive phone bill for hundreds or even thousands of pounds with of airtime. So, not only will you have to worry about replacing your handset, you’ve also got to find the cash to pay off the airtime abuse. Although you can contact the police, they won’t be able to refund the airtime abuse.

This is why it can be really useful to have iPhone insurance. Let’s say for example that you purchase the insurance today. Then, tonight your handset gets stolen. Within an hour of purchasing the insurance someone could have made numerous calls to international numbers, totalling hundreds on your phone bill.

Having purchased the cover your phone bill will be paid by the insurance company. Your iPhone will also be replaced within 48 hours. You will still need to contact the local police force to tell them about the crime and then make a claim against the policy. However, you’ll get a replacement handset within 48 hours and all your minutes covered.


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