How to Prevent a Motorhome Windscreen


Your motorhome is a huge investment, so you’ll need a specialist insurance policy that will cover all risks, including your windscreen. Depending on the motorhome you own, a replacement windscreen could set you back a hundreds or even thousands of pounds. So, by repairing your windscreen in good time, you save yourself a the hassle and costs involved in getting it replaced.

Being at the front of the motorhome, the windscreen is particularly vulnerable to flying objects picked up by oncoming or overtaking vehicles. Objects such as loose chippings or stones from the road can act as small missiles and cause damage in the form of a chip in the windscreen glass.

If the chip occurs in front of the driver, and hinders the view or is seen as causing a distraction to the driver, it can be deemed dangerous and the vehicle may fail the UK Ministry of Transport (MOT) test.

If the chip appears over the passenger side or out of the main line of sight for the driver, it may be tempting to ignore the chip. However, if the chip is left, it can easily spread. Changes in temperature and moisture on the windscreen can cause the glass to expand and contract, increasing the likelihood of the chip turning into a crack – in the same way that pipes can burst if they’re allowed to freeze and defrost over winter.

Another risk is if you’re travelling down a bumpy road or over speed bumps, the jolting effect on the motorhome can cause the chip or crack to spread.

To prevent any further damage to your windscreen, it’s important to get the chip repaired as soon as you notice it. An approved repairer will be able to seal the chip before it turns into a crack. This repair could strengthen the windscreen and allow you to continue with your holiday without the worry of the damage becoming irreversible.

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of repairing the windscreen, provided the work is carried out by an approved windscreen repair company, and they won’t class this as a claim being made on the policy. Therefore, you won’t need to part with any money and your no claims bonus will be safe, leaving you with no surprises when your motorhome insurance is due for renewal.

If your windscreen becomes cracked and you need a replacement, you could have a windscreen excess to pay and the motorhome insurance company may place limits on the amount of windscreen cover that’s available on the policy. Usually, replacing a windscreen won’t affect your no claims bonus, however, if you own a large motorhome such as an A-class or American RV, it may be that due to the cost of replacing the windscreen being upwards of £1,000, the motorhome insurance company will count it as a claim affecting your no claims bonus. So always check your insurance documents or give them a call if you’re in any doubt.


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