Feng Shui – Using Mirrors and Aquariums


Mirror plays an important role in Feng Shui. Do not keep mirrors facing the entrance as it reflects back the good energy from entering our homes. Mirrors near the dining table are good, but mirrors near the stove are very bad Feng Shui. Mirrors reflecting the dining table enhance good fortunes, whereas mirrors reflecting the cooking gas cylinder or the stove, can be fatal.

Aquarium with Goldfish: A great way of enhancing good luck in the house is by keeping some goldfish in an aquarium or fish bowl. You should keep nine goldfish, out of which eight should be red or golden in color and one should be black. If your goldfish die, do not worry, just get some more and replace them.

It is also believed that when a fish dies in your home, it takes some of the bad luck away with it, which otherwise would have befallen a member of the family. Avoid keeping goldfish in the bedroom, or in the kitchen or in the toilet. It can lead to some material losses. The best place to keep an aquarium is in the living room, and the right direction is in the East, South-east, or North.

Water features, if kept correctly, can bring excellent luck. But if kept wrongly they prove to be very harmful. Never place an aquarium on the right hand side of your main door. The Chinese of olden times liked to display auspicious writings and symbols in their homes, which bring them luck. The various symbols like Cross, Star of David, OM, Star of Bethlehem, Crecent etc. can be freely displayed in most parts of the home. Avoid displaying such symbols in bath rooms and toilets.


Source by Andy Kahn


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