A-Z About Catamaran Insurance


Catamarans are a relatively new kind of boats that are being used for leisure or sports sailing. Since their introduction into sports sailing and leisure use they have become an instant success. This is mainly attributed to their unique and interesting design. Catamaran design was basically being used by fishermen from a south Indian state known as Tamil Nadu. Since it has been copied and modified by western boat designers the catamaran has proved to be a highly stable boat which can achieve great speeds even at rough seas. Catamaran is currently being powered either by sails or by a motor. Owning a catamaran is definitely a unique and highly rewarding investment. It allows you and your family to cruise along the sea side without having to worry about the instability or about the rough sea. However before you consider setting sail in your brand new catamaran, you need to decide on which catamaran insurance you are planning to buy.

Buying catamaran insurance provides you with a financial coverage for your newly purchased catamaran. Having a financial cover for your newly invented property means having peace of mind whenever you are out sailing. You do not have to sit and worry what if your catamaran is damaged, or what if it catches fire. Since you have purchased an insurance policy you actually get o sit back and enjoy your time when you go cruising out in the sea. If you plan to rent your boat or start charter business it is essential to have insurance, without this you will not be allowed t rent or charter your boat.

Now that we know how important it is to buy catamaran insurance, let’s see the various types of insurance policies available for the catamaran. The basic policy which you need to purchase is the accident or the damage insurance policy. As the name indicates the policy provides you with financial cover in case your boat is damaged or meets with an accident. Now there are many varieties of policies under this insurance. One policy provides you financial cover only if you were involved in the accident while the other type, generally known as the second person cover, allows you to claim the insurance money even when the boat is damaged by an accident irrespective of you being there or not.

The next important policy is fire damage insurance policy. In an unfortunate event of a fire that will damage your boat extensively, the policy provides you with the required financial cover for the repair of the boat.


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