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A few weeks ago I was having regrets. When I took a look at my thoughts I discovered they were all focused in the past. I was having regrets about words I had not spoken, actions I had not taken, and options that I had passed up. So I took out my pen and paper and I wrote a letter to my Higher Self asking for guidance.

The guidance I received turned my feelings of regret into powerful enthusiastic energy and so I wanted to share this recent story with you. Here is what my Higher Self said:

“Regret is a signal that you are looking at your world with limiting thoughts instead of abundant ones. You think that missed opportunities will never come around again. You forget that life keeps giving you more of what you truly want. It is a bit trickier to trust this when your big dreams are not manifesting the way you would like them to. You do not take your intimate relationships, money in the bank, health or success at work lightly do you?

Practice with smaller things and notice how you can turn your regret into positive energy that works for you not against you. Once you know how to take charge of your own feelings to attract small things you will know how to attract your bigger desires as well.”

At that point I had an Aha! moment. Here is what I realized and what happened next.

Just before I moved into my new home I bought a pair of folding metal chairs for my new kitchen. They had a Victorian rose pattern on them and I loved them. But when I moved in it seemed like they were not quite right so I took them back. A few weeks later I still had no chairs in my kitchen and in hindsight I regretted returning them.

Now Kona, where I live, is a small town. Many things only appear once in the few special stores that we have. But here is something I knew for sure. There would be other chairs to choose from. Plenty of them. Maybe not the exact same ones that I had purchased before, but I knew I would find another set.

All of a sudden I started getting excited and instead of looking backwards I started imagining what might be ahead. I began to wonder. What do I really want? By the way – asking this question is a great way to keep your creative energy focussed in a positive direction.

I surfed the internet looking at pictures of folding chairs. That was when I got really excited. I saw something even better that I wanted even more than what I had before. I wanted a small tile top table to go with my chairs. Now, the picture I saw was of a blue tile top bistro set. I thought it would be perfect in a different color. So I printed the picture and planned to place it on a new vision board sometime later in the week.

One thing I know for sure – my feelings of regret were gone. Now I was feeling inspired, excited and enthused.

Two days later, as I was driving through town, I had an urge to go into the store where my original chairs had come from. There, placed on the floor only a few hours earlier, was the first and only tile top bistro set I had ever seen in that store. It was pink and green – the perfect color for my new home and when I saw it I knew it was exactly what I had ordered.

Even more exciting was the realization that in consciously taking charge of my own thoughts and feelings I had turned my feelings of regret into the positive energy that attracted into my world exactly what I wanted. I took great delight in seeing the Law of Attraction is at work.

Feelings make all the difference in the speed with which our desires manifest. When we have doubts, fear, ambivalent feelings or regrets it is good to take time to turn them around before we go shopping. Feeling good attracts more good. It really is as simple – and as detailed – as that.

With practice we can learn to apply the same Universal Principles to attract more than chairs. We can call toward us loving relationships, huge chunks of money and anything else we truly want.


Source by Peri Coeurtney Enkin


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