5 Ways to Show Enlightenment to Others


What exactly is enlightenment? What does it mean? In the eastern traditions, the “guru” is the one who will supposedly lead you to enlightenment. The word guru simply means “one who dispels darkness.” What is the darkness in our lives that needs to be dispelled? How can we show others the light in order make this a brighter and more peaceful planet? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, the following list is for you.

1. Smile – Yes, it’s obvious, but how many times do we make the effort to consciously smile in everyday life? Smiling helps to spread good energy, and it’s a free way to share your happiness with others. So far, smiling is still legal, so let’s take advantage of it! Many other forms of happiness are still illegal, but we’re working on that.

2. Give People Compliments – People like compliments, so be generous and give them out. It’s not going to kill you to sometimes give people a compliment here or there, especially when it’s deserved. Sometimes giving a compliment is the best way to spread some positive energy and it’s easy to do. Give it a try.

3. Be patient, let others go first – Holding the door open for people, or allowing people to go first when you are on the street, is another way that you can get started right away being generous with your positive energy. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before, but it can’t hurt to be reminded.

4. Take deep breaths and speak calmly – Speaking calmly with people, and being sure that you give people a chance to speak, and listening to what they have to say, is one way of getting closer to people and giving them a sense that they are valuable to you. And if they aren’t valuable to you, try not to let it show!

5. Make sure you always say thank you – Gratitude is a key thing. People that take the time to actually be nice to you and share what they have deserve to be given your thankfulness and gratitude. If you want more great things in your life, then you must be grateful for the great things you already have. That makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s been said that you won’t get more of what you want until you become grateful for what you already have. That sounds true doesn’t it?


Source by Alex Taylor


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