3 Reasons Why You Need Estate Attorneys


If you’ve never thought about what services estate attorneys can provide or you just don’t understand why they’re important, you probably don’t understand why it’s vital to have an attorney help you through the estate planning process. Many people mistakenly think that planning is only for the very rich or those who have a lot of family members to divide things between. Instead, consider these three situations that call for assistance from a lawyer.

Call A Lawyer Before You Think You Need One

Many people wait until it’s absolutely necessary to have a will created — that is, they wait until they’re facing their own mortality. This is a wake up call that urges someone to take action, but you shouldn’t wait! An accident or illness could hit you at any time, which could render you unable to express your wishes to your friends or family members. Professionally drafted legal documents can help make sure your friends and relatives understand what medical decisions you want made so they can follow your wishes exactly.

Use Estate Attorneys Even If You Don’t Have Any Direct Beneficiaries

If you don’t have any family members still living, you probably don’t know why it’s important to have a will. Without directly related family members, such as a mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles or grandparents, your assets could be divided between relatives you don’t know, and in some cases, relatives you’ve never even met!

When you write a will with a professional lawyer, he or she will be able to help you determine where your assets will end up. This means that you’ll be able to decide to leave your assets to a favorite charity of your choice or even to a friend. A friend has no legal rights to your estate so if you want them to receive anything, you’ll need to take legal steps to make this happen.

Keep Your Family From Arguing After You’ve Passed

It’s an unfortunate truth that family members often argue and squabble over asset distribution after a loved one passes away. To help keep them from fighting amongst themselves, make sure that they understand what will happen with your belongings or your life insurance policy after you’re gone. Ask your estate attorneys to help you divide your holdings equally so that everyone is given an equal portion of your assets.

It’s also important that your loved ones understand what should happen during your funeral services. If you want a specific type of service or have certain burial or cremation wishes, you should talk them over with your loved ones beforehand. This will help ensure that your wishes are followed and will reduce the stress on your family members when they’re already worried and feeling overwhelmed.

Whether you have an extensive estate or you simply need a cut and dried will to protect your family, estate attorneys are an important part of this process. To find an experienced one in your local area, talk to your coworkers, friends and family members to receive a personal recommendation.


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